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Search contributions from all contributors (organizations and individuals).

Search contributions from any contributor by name or CAL-ACCESS ID number. Multiple search terms can be separated by semicolons.

Search contributions from a particular state.

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Contributions to Candidates

Search contributions to candidate-controlled campaign committees for state-level offices.

Search contributions to a particular candidate's campaign committee(s).

Search contributions to candidate(s) running for a particular office.

Contributions to Ballot Measures

Search contributions to recipient committees formed to support or oppose ballot measures. A single contribution to a multi-measure committee may be counted toward each measure supported/opposed by that committee.

Contributions to Committees

Search contributions to any recipient committee by its name or CAL-ACCESS ID number.


Search contributions by the date range or election cycle in which they were made.


This is the total amount received using the specified search criteria.

Download the search results as a CSV file, which can be opened in most spreadsheet software.

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