Section 4: Other Recipient Committees

How do I find information about how much money specific recipient committees have received?

Power Search Advanced Search allows you to search for contributions to any specific recipient committee using either its name or its official committee ID#.

Navigate to Advanced Search. Scroll down the left-hand sidebar to the "Committees" section. Begin typing the committee name and either select a suggested committee from the dropdown menu or enter custom search terms.

Use double quotes to search for a more precise match and semicolons to separate multiple search terms. Power Search will also recognize and perform a search on the official committee ID# of the committee if entered. When finished, click the "Search" button.

The search results page returns the results specified by the parameters selected. The first item returned is a single summary amount and the number of all contributions received by the specific committee since 2001.

Next, the Contributions section of the search results provides a grid of each individual contribution.

  • To see more contributions than the 10 displayed by default, click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page or select a number greater than 10 on the section to "Show __ rows".
  • To sort the data, use the "Sort by…" dropdown menu to select a column name and choose either "Descending" or "Ascending" from the adjacent dropdown menu. Click "Update" to sort the data.
  • To download the contributions data in a file that can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet, click "Download CSV." The CSV download will contain the Contribution grid results with all fields included as well as a list of the search parameters used to generate those results.